Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have been strangely uncrafty lately. I guess it is because I just moved. Before I moved I packed up my craft stuff pretty early and I still haven't completely unpacked it in my new place. The last two things that I made before I moved were both aprons. Aprons are kind of weird. Most of the aprons that people make are really cute detailed things that you wouldn't want to get dirty but the reason you would wear an apron is to protect your clothes underneath from getting dirty. Also people make really cute aprons that you would want to wear and show off but I still feel weird about wearing an apron outside walking around.

Anyway the first apron I made was for my friend's wedding shower. I decided that since she is getting married she needed a cute housewifey apron. This is the only picture I have of it which is from the shower when she is wearing all sorts of other things people made for her. (I edited the post to include a better picture) The fabric is japanese fabric from that has clovers and ladybugs (her favorite) and the tie is the strawberry ribbon I got in Idaho last summer at a thrift store. I embroidered "Mrs. Morishita" on the pocket so it would seem even more housewifey.

The second one was for a apron swap. I figured that since I had made that one apron that this would be an easy swap. You were supposed to just make one apron and not send anything else. It seemed so simple. I made a pretty simple apron but it was a lot more difficult than I though it would be. My swap partner, kaiser sissorhands, wanted a full apron with tons of pockets. That wasn't too difficult but for some reason I decided I wanted to use bias tape. That was way harder than I though it would be. By the time I finished the apron I realized that I had been sewing on the bias tape all wrong. I was supposed to unfold it and sew it on the back side first then fold it over and sew it on the front side. I had been trying to pin it on the edge of the fabric and sew both sides at once, folded over. It ended up turning out pretty ok anyway.

After I figured out the bias tape I decided I wanted to add bias tape to my friends wedding shower apron and unsewed her's and redid the whole thing. It was much easier doing it the proper way and it made her apron much cuter. I don't have any before pictures but trust me.

So I think I'm going to start using aprons both when cooking and when crafting. I got a cute one in the apron swap but I think I need to make another one for myself. Maybe I'll even be daring enough to wear an apron outside of the house.