Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tidepool Screen Print

This is the last print I made in my screen printing class that just got over Tuesday night. It is a three color print using screen filler for the grey and red layers and photo emulsion for the black line drawing on top. The drawing I did was inspired by this painting that I saw a couple of years ago at an art gallery in Cannon Beach, OR. It was of tons of sea creatures all crammed together taking up every inch of the canvas with out overlapping each other. I loved it but it cost $300 which at the time seamed ridiculous. Of course now if I could find that painting or a similar one by that artist I'm sure I would pay more than that. If I had had more time I wanted to make the animals lots of different colors but I think the red works pretty well for most of them. I might make a relief print at some point of this drawing or draw a simpler one and then water color in the animals.

This is just the photo emulsion screen printed by its self. It's amazing how much it looks like the original line drawing.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Gnome and Bird Ornaments

These are a couple embroidered Christmas ornaments I made. The gnome turned out a little big to hang on a Christmas tree. I think I'll try to make a smaller one.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Moth and Snail Baby Shirts

Here are two baby shirts that I made for my friends daughter. I'm planning on making a bunch of onesies with different designs for a baby shower for one of my former coworkers too.

This is a shirt I made for my friend's birthday. Its much easier to do two color faux screen prints when it doesn't really matter so much if it lines up properly. I actually made five separate screens for it (one for each crow and two for the tree because it was so tall) but I can use each of them individually for other things.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oceanside Screen Print

This semester I've been taking a silk screen class at Angels Gate Cultural Center. I've been doing fake silk screening at home for quite a while but this is the first time that I've used real equipment and not my cheep embroidery hoop/ modge podge method that I use at home. This is the first print that I made. It's taken from a picture of the Three Arch Rocks Wildlife Sanctuary from the beach in Oceanside, OR. The first technique that we learned was using stencils that you cut out an tape to the screen. Next we are going to use screen filler and finally we will get to do photo emulsion.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nautilus Print

This is the one wood block print that I made in my relief printing class. They didn't have much of a budget so they gave us tiny little pieces of wood to carve. I like the way it turned out though. Its a chambered nautilus.

Sperm Whale Shirt

This is a sperm whale that I embroidered onto a t-shirt for myself. I embroidered a bunch of other whales (right, grey, humpback and a river dolphin) onto dish towels as a present for my Mom but I forgot to take pictures of them.

Kingfisher Relief Prints

These are linolium prints that I made in my relief printmaking class the first one I used a stencil to print the one block in two colors.

Snug Shirt

This is a long sleeve t-shirt that I made for my boyfriend. A snug is an imaginary animal that is a cross between a slug and a snail.

Snail Bag

This is a purse I made for myself. I used this old 70's mushroom ribbon that I found at a thrift store in Idaho for the trim. I hand sewed the whole thing and screen printed a snail onto the bag. it even has a snail button closure.

Goldfinch T-shirt

This is a t-shirt that I made for a swap. It is the same print and embroidery as the goldfinch dish towels.

My partner recieved her package so now I have an action shot. Hopefully lisie doesn't mind her picture being up here.

Moth Screen Print

I finished making a screen of an io moth last night. Here it is on a t-shirt and on a dish towel. I think I might add embroidered antenae and fuzz on the body.

Sasquatch Relief Print

Last summer I took a relief print making class at Angels Gate Cultural Center which is right by my house in San Pedro. We made liniloium and wood block prints using a giant expensive electric printing press. This weekend I bought a brayer (roller) and barren (a big flat thing that you press the paper down onto the block with) so I could make prints at home. I made 9 of these last night. It's a sasquatch trying to eat an endangered woodpecker.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Goldfinch Dishtowel

This is a dishtowel that I made for my boyfriend's mom. The goldfinch and branch are screen printed on and the leaves are hand embroidered.

Welcome to Kraken Crafts

I'm creating this blog in order to have a place for people to look at pictures and descriptions of craft projects I have done. I usually just make things for friends and family but I also make some things on commission. All the crafts that I post pictures of can be recreated and made to order. I can screen print or embroider things on whatever size or color of t-shirts or sweatshirts or anything else fabric you can think of. Contact me for pricing and availability.