Monday, November 9, 2009

Table Numbers Concept

Table Numbers Concept, originally uploaded by krakencrafts.

If you've looked through my flickr page you can tell I really enjoy vintage children's books. ABC books and counting books are some of my favorites. I though wedding table numbers would be the perfect place to combine my love of sea creatures and children's books. This is my sketch for table 3. I will have the appropriate numbers of different sea creatures for each table.

I'm thinking I will do watercolors for the table numbers and then buy some pre-cut mats, tape two together and then put the whole thing in one of those place card holder things to stand it up.

Nate and I both really loved the table numbers at his friend's Jesse and Jenine's wedding. They were pictures of each of them at the age of the table number. We kind of wanted to steal their idea but I think I've convinced Nate it is better to have something unique.