Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keita's First Camping Trip

We took Keita on her first camping trip this past weekend.  It was also a trip to celebrate our second anniversary.  We camped at Buckhorn Campground in the Angeles National Forrest.  As we were driving up the Angeles Crest Highway the landscape was looking pretty dry and hot with just shrubs and yuccas, but once we got over about 5000 ft. it turned into mixed conifer forest with pines and incense cedars.  The campground itself was even more lush looking, well comparatively lush.  There were lots of wildflowers and currant and thimbleberry bushes.  

We made shish kabobs for dinner the first night and hotdogs and beans the second night.

The second day we were there we stumbled across the trail to the summit of Mt. Waterman a 8038 ft. peak in the San Gabriels.  It was about a 6 mile round trip hike from our campground.  We've actually skied at Mt. Waterman a good number of times so it was interesting to see the area in the summer without any snow. 

Keita was a little barky and territorial of our campsite and probably would have rather been sleeping on our couch in font of the TV, but I think overall she had a good time.