Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Garland

Since we are having a BBQ the day before St. Patrick's Day I decided that our house needed some St. Patrick's Day decorations. Well maybe just one St. Patrick's Day decoration.

I made this garland by ironing two different types of green fabric (crabs and dragonflies) together with fusible interfacing. Then I cut the fabric into strips and folded it into squares. I cut out the clover pattern so that the leaves would connect and form a fabric paper chain. Then I sewed the shorter chains into one long chain. I also made one into a four leaf clover. Hum, now I'm thinking I should cut the four leaf clover out separately and have all the three leave clovers the same color and the four leaf the opposite.

I guess since I'm putting um St. Patty's Day decorations I should take down the paper chain
garland I made for Nate for Valentine's day. It's cute though. I'll probably save it for next year.