Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oystercatcher Vintage Goods

I have finally reopened my etsy vintage shop called Oystercatcher Vintage Goods. I really didn't do too much with it when I started it, and then kind of abandoned it, along with my Kraken Crafts etsy site, while planning the wedding. After the wedding I really planned on getting back into posting things regularly on both sites. I figured, since I would no longer be occupied with constant crafting for the wedding, I would have so much free time that I would need to spend doing something. It turned out that after the wedding I was completely burnt out on crafting and also on keeping up with the vintage shop. I was still thrifting as if I was collecting stuff for a wedding, but somehow couldn't be bothered to try to sell anything. As a result, stuff has really started to pile up. Nate and I are trying to buy a house, and the thought of packing up and moving tons of stuff that I don't really need is kind of horrifying me. So, I have reopened the vintage shop and plan on posting stuff there regularly. Feel free to stop by and see if there is anything you are interested it. I also have slightly restocked the Kraken Crafts etsy shop, and plan on getting back into the crafting more at some point.