Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Schoolhouse Light

The other day I was pointing out to Nate, how much I liked this Hawkins light fixture from Rejuvenation House Parts in their catalogue.  Our house still has mostly brass hardware, except in the bathroom and kitchen.  And even though it seems like brass hardware is making a comeback I think we will slowly try to fade it out of our house.  We really want to replace the light fixtures in the kitchen, the front entry and the back hallway, but we want the metal on any new fixtures to match the door handles and whatnot near it both now and in the future.  When I saw these white porcelain  fixtures I thought they would be the perfect solution.  They wouldn't be metal so they wouldn't need to match any other metal.  The only problem, with the shade, each fixture is $195.  More than I want to spend on something we need four of.


Then we went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore looking for tile because we are finally going to tile the bathroom floor (hopefully that will be another post soon).  They did not have the white hex tile we were looking for, but they did have this lovely vintage schoolhouse light.

It is kind of amazing how similar it is.  And it was only $20.  Sadly they only had one of them.  If they had two of them we would have used them in the kitchen,  But since there was only one and it hung down a little too low to use in the entry way, it ended up in the back hallway.  This was the old light fixture.  Possibly the ugliest shiny brass nipple light ever.

Here is what the hallway looked like before.  This was before painting the hallway grey and when we only had curtains on the washing machine closet.  

With just a little paint, magically finding the closet doors in the garage rafters and a new light fixture it looks so much better. 

I think we are going to need to stop by the ReStore more often to see if we can score some more vintage schoolhouse lights and to donate that old brass monstrosity.

Friday, May 11, 2012

In the Garden May 2012

Just wanted to post another garden update.  We built one more planter box.  This one is an an odd space that looks like it wouldn't get much sun since it is wedged in-between the barn and the wall of the back planter box.  But this is the south side of the barn, so it actually ends up getting sun pretty much all day.  I wanted to try growing a three sisters garden which is a companion planting of corn, beans and squash common in Iroquois gardens.  The corn acts as a support for the beans, the beans fix nitrogen in the soil and the squash covers the soil to prevent weeds and hold in moisture.  The corn is Stowell's evergreen sweet corn.  I planted it in about mid April.  I planted the beans a couple of weeks later.  When I read up on three sisters gardens, it said to wait until your corn is 6" tall before planting the beans or else the beans will outgrow the corn.  I think mine was almost that tall, but some of the beans are already taller than the corn next to them.  The beans are rattlesnake snap beans.  I bought both the corn and bean seeds savers exchange. The squash was just butternut squash seeds that I saved from one from the CSA and some transplanted mystery squash that has been sprouting all over the garden, probably from the compost bin. 

I finally pulled out the end of the fava beans from main raised vegetable garden.  I love fava beans, but they just took up way too much room.  They kept flowering and producing more fava beans so it was really hard to just give up on them and pull them out.  I wanted to get tomatoes and tomatillos in the ground though, so I finally just composted them.  If I plant them again next year I think I will put them in the new narrow planter box so they will be confined to a smaller space and won't flop over on other things.  Before I pulled out the favas some of my tomatillo plants that I started from seed were just getting too big for their tiny pots.  I gave up and just planted two in big pots.  They are blooming now and have such pretty blossoms. Supposedly they aren't self fertile so I put the pots right next to each other so the bees have an easy time going from one flower to the next. 

 The blueberries on my tiny blueberry bush are starting to get ripe.

The first strawberry is just about ready to pick.  I have to make sure I get to it before the slugs or squirrels.

The plums are getting bigger.

Lots of flowers in the herb garden.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mini Saint Berweiler Poo

Keita had her first birthday back in April.  Sadly we kind of forgot about it, so I think we are going to be celebrating her adoption day instead of her actual (as estimated by the vet) birthday.  I did get one birthday present from Nate which was kind of a birthday present for Keita, a dog DNA test.  

When we adopted Keita the rescue group told us that they thought she was a labradoodle.  When she and her litter mates were being dropped off at the pound someone from the rescue group happened to be there to pick up another dog at the same time and ended picking them up too.  I guess the owner of her mother who was dropping off the litter said that she thought they were labradoodles.  When she was a puppy it was kind of believable, but as she got older we became pretty positive there was neither any lab or any doodle in her.  She definitely looks like some kind of terrier mix and that is what just about everyone who saw her guessed she was.  

Yesterday we got the DNA test back.  Here are the results:

Even though she doesn't have poodle-like fur and hates the water, she is actually 50% miniature poodle.  That wasn't all that shocking.  She is small and, like a lot of poodle mixes, has a very cute beard.  What is shocking is that she is also 25% saint bernard.  In a million years I would never have guessed saint bernard.  She is also apparently 11.5% rottweiler, 2% sussex spaniel and less than one percent akita, black russian terrier and lhasa apso.  I have dubbed her the new fancy designer breed mini saint berweiler poo.

Nate sent the rescue group the results so they could forward it on to the people who adopted her litter mates.  A couple of them sent back pictures of their mini saint berweiler poos.

Keita's brother Sam with his new owners.

And her sister Sadie.

It is amazing how much they look like her.  I'm not completely convinced about the test results.  But I'm  kind of tickled to thing that our little 22 lb. puppy is really part saint bernard and rottweiler.  I'm glad she didn't end up being 180 lbs.