Monday, August 27, 2007

Blowfish Tote Bag

I got tons of this really cheep unbleached muslin from the discount fabric store (M&L) in Anaheim. It makes really good plain fabric for screen printing. I've started printing repeating designs on this fabric and then sewing it into other things.

Here is the beginning of blowfish fabric. I printed it in a checkerboard pattern so I wouldn't smudge the design.

Here is the finished fabric with lighter and darker blue blowfish.

And the finished bag. I just copied the size and design of a Trader Joe's bag to make a tote bag. I also made this really cool dress with blowfish/grunion fabric for the skirt but I somehow managed to break the zipper before I could get pictures of it. Once I buy and new zipper and put it in I'll make Nate take pictures of me in it and post them.