Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tidepool Screen Print

This is the last print I made in my screen printing class that just got over Tuesday night. It is a three color print using screen filler for the grey and red layers and photo emulsion for the black line drawing on top. The drawing I did was inspired by this painting that I saw a couple of years ago at an art gallery in Cannon Beach, OR. It was of tons of sea creatures all crammed together taking up every inch of the canvas with out overlapping each other. I loved it but it cost $300 which at the time seamed ridiculous. Of course now if I could find that painting or a similar one by that artist I'm sure I would pay more than that. If I had had more time I wanted to make the animals lots of different colors but I think the red works pretty well for most of them. I might make a relief print at some point of this drawing or draw a simpler one and then water color in the animals.

This is just the photo emulsion screen printed by its self. It's amazing how much it looks like the original line drawing.

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