Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Salvation Army Pillowcase Circle Skirt

I decided it was finally time to buy a sewing machine. Of course I've had a actually two sewing machines for some time now. One was my grandma's but it broke when I was shipping it down to California and the other one is this really old singer sewing machine table that one of my friends wasn't using and gave me when she moved. That one didn't have an instruction manual so I was afraid of trying to figure out how to thread it. It makes a good table though. This is the first thing that I made besides a headband and a belt which were pretty simple. It is a circle skirt made out of a old pillowcase that I bought at the salvation army. It was involved for a first real sewing project but it wasn't that hard. You don't even need a pattern. I found a tutorial on line. Basically you just cut a giant donut out of a square piece of fabric and then add a waist band and hem it and you are done. I didn't have a zipper and the zipper foot for my sewing machine is still a little too advanced for me so I just sewed in a few snaps.

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