Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Being Original is Tough

I keep thinking I am coming up with these super original ideas for wedding crafts. Then as soon as I am set on definitely making something, I find almost the same thing on somebody's blog.

First I decided I was going to make screen printed grocery tote bags as wedding favors. I still haven't decided if I am going to put things in them or not. I've had my mom scouring Portland for reasonably priced roasted hazelnuts (or filberts as Oregonians like to call them) and trying to thing of other things that could fill up the bags. I'm kind of thinking empty bags folded and tied up nicely would probably be ok.

Anyway, first, on flickr, I saw these pictures of guessica's tote bag wedding favors that she gocco printed the cute tandem bike design from her invitations onto.

Then on guessica's blog Fig&Plum I saw she also goccoed coasters with her and her husband's faces on them for their wedding. I wasn't planning on putting Nate and my faces on coasters but I was going to print up coasters with my gocco.

Then today, I saw on the Oh So Beautiful Paper blog, pictures of the illustrator Julia Rothman's table numbers she made for her wedding. And guess what, they are very children's counting book inspired. Oh well. I swear I searched everywhere on the web to see if anyone else had come up with the same concept as me for table numbers. I saw a few counting book inspired ones with table letters instead of table numbers, as in A is for Apple and so on. But I couldn't find any like mine. Oh well, I guess all the stuff I do will be unique because I will be illustrating it. I was just surprised and excited that I had come up with a kind of obvious idea that I though no one else had thought of.

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