Friday, June 10, 2011

My Office

I already posted picture of "The Barn" which is Nate's office. My office is finally in fairly presentable shape. I took some pictures today because it probably will not stay this clean for very long.

At our old house my only work surface was the small faux wood veneer ikea desk in the corner. Since I work from home, my office is literally my office and also my craft and sewing room and I needed a set up for both my work computer and my personal computer. I wanted more work surface at the new house, so we found a old hollow core door at the habitat for humanity re-store thrift shop and set it on my two file cabinets. It was a little low, so Nate built some boxes out of 2x4s to sit on top of the file cabinets to raise up the desk level a little.

I found the old black anglepose lamp at a estate sale for two dollars.

I bought this Charlie Harper Alpine Northwest poster from the government printing office a really long time ago. Amazingly it only cost $12. The only problem was it is huge and a weird size so it was impossible to find a pre-made frame for it. Even with a 60% off coupon it was still ridiculously expensive to get it framed at Michael's, but I think it looks really great.

My office is kind of a modge podge of different pieces of furniture from our old place that don't really fit perfectly here and don't go that well together, especially in this corner.

It is working pretty well for now, and having so much more work surface has been great. I'm going to try to not stack piles of stuff all over every surface, at least for a while.

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