Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bathroom Refreshing

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two rooms in our house that need kind of major stuff done to them and therefor have had pretty much nothing done to them since we moved in. The major stuff the bathroom needs are tile on the floor to replace the ugly linoleum, a new mirror, a new light fixture and a new tub. We still aren't quite ready to tackle any of these major things, but what we can do is paint. The cabinets were a light colored wood with peeling off varnish. There were no knobs on most of the cabinets (which contributed to the water stains and peeling varnish), except for the linen cabinet which had one broken handle. There was a medicine cabinet above the toilet, which must have been added later, because unlike the rest of the cabinets, it was white. The one thing we did like about our bathroom was the tile in the shower and sink back splash with the grey accent tiles. Here are some pictures from before we moved in.

We decided to paint the cabinets white (actually Valspar Betsy's Linen) to match the trim and the white medicine cabinet and we painted the walls grey to sort of match the accent tiles. As usual it was really hard to find the right color grey. The first one we got ended up looking purple on the walls. The one we ended up with was Valspar Notre Dame. It is a little lighter than the tiles so that it wouldn't be too dark for such a small bathroom.

We ended up finding the knobs on Amazon because I had this specific style in mind and neither Home Depot or Lowes had anything close.

We still need to tackle the major stuff, but for less than $150 I think we managed to make the bathroom feel fresh and much more cohesive.


Liana said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED that you didn't want to keep the sad circus curtains ;)

Seriously, though, it looks so serene now!

Abby said...

I saw you on Flickr -- glad for the link to the before and after photos. We finally removed the bathtub doors and just went with a mostly-white shower curtain. Old fashioned but being able to see the back wall unimpeded made the space a lot larger. As I wrote there, your transformation turned the space into a place of harmony. Really nice.

kraken said...

Liana-I know they were lovely, but I think sadly they and the yellow country curtains in the kitchen were the first things to go when we moved in.

Abby-Thanks so much. Your bathroom redo sounds sounds like a fairly easy fix that made a great improvement too.