Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Puffin and Sea Creature Themed Nursery Pictures

Since I haven't posted anything on this blog for a very very long time, I figured I was due for a post.  We have gone/are going though some major life changes.  I'm pregnant and due with a little girl in November.  We already have the nursery mostly set up, which didn't really require that much redecorating since the guest bedroom kind of looked like a nursery already.  

We moved the queen sized bed out of there and for my office, got a murphy bed that transitions from a desk into a full sized bed.  I'll take pictures of that someday once I get my office better set up.  It's a mess right now.  We also moved the marble topped dresser into the master bedroom for extra clothes storage for me. 

The glider came from Salvation Army.  It is pretty ugly and I was thinking about recovering the cushions, but that seemed like too much work for something that we will only be using temporarily.  It is amazingly comfortable though. The diaper pail was a hand me down, and strangely everything else in this picture we already had.  Even the changing table with the animals stenciled on it.  I found it in the alley when I lived in Burbank many years ago and most recently it was in the closet for extra storage.  It already had the animals stenciled on it, I just changed out the knobs with unfinished wooden ones that I painted with random paint samples from our garage. We still need a changing pad for it.

I found the fake Eames hang-it-all at the Salvation Army a while ago and just repainted the wooden balls different colors (also from our random paint samples in the garage).  I made these felt puffin portraits a long time ago and they were already hanging up in this same place.

I managed to fit this drop leaf table to use as a side table to the glider. I got from my Aunt when she was downsizing and it used to belong to my grandparents.  I have had this lamp for a while and have still not been able to identify the maker.  I think my parents got that dinosaur candle holder at an estate sale many years ago. 

The Ikea crib and bookcases are the only things that we've bought new so far for this room.  The crib still needs a mattress.  I made the fish print, whale watercolor and the puffin mobile.  There are seven different puffins in this room (the two felt portraits, the Charlie Harper print in this picture, the three puffins in the mobile and one on a Geninne Zlatkis bird ABC print on the other side of the room. 

I found this weird circus screen print at an estate sale.  It is by Julieta Jones a printmaker based out of Laguna Beach.  I love it, but I'm not sure Nate is as keen on it.  The frame was originally painted red, but I repainted it white.  At some point I might replace the pink mat with a white one, but I think for now it is ok to have a little bit of pink in here since it is a girl's room.  

These are the table numbers from our wedding that I designed, watercolored and put in thrifted frames that I painted with more paint samples.  I have gotten a lot of use out of these paint samples.  They are each a different sea creature and inspired by children's counting books.  They fit perfectly above the window and of course I've had them up in the guest room since we bought this house.  One of many things that made the guest room look very nursery-like.

Here you can see the extent of my vintage children's book collection.  There are actually a few more in the living room, but they are more chapter books instead of picture books.  The Ikea book cases do hold a lot of books, but I should probably save more room for toys. 

The toucan night light was from Goodwill.  I think it is an Old Timer Ferrari one made in Verona, Italy, but it might be a knockoff.  After seeing them a million times on pinterest, I had to make some display book shelves from Ikea spice racks.  I painted the unfinished wood white.  They are great for showing off some of my vintage children's book covers.

Here is that Geninne Zlatkis ABC bird print with the last puffin.  I also already had this up in the room when it was a guest room.  The coral reef light switch holder was in this room when we bought the house and it matched the not super attractive fish mural that was in this room when we moved in.  The Rody horse was a lucky Salvation Army find.  Oh and the rug that is in here is the one that was in the living room before.  We got a new one for the living room that again I may take pictures of at some point.  It is super faded and has been thrown up on by cats too many times to count, so I figure if it gets spit up and crayon marks on it I won't be too upset. 

I'm pretty happy with this room.  Actually it is my favorite room in the house right now and I'm always going in there to just relax on the glider and take it all in.  We still need to get some essentials and I also want to make another mobile to go over the changing table.  I might take down the vertical cat scratching box since they rarely use it anymore and put up some more of those Ikea spice rack book shelves,  Otherwise it is pretty much done, and way ahead of schedule. 


Liana said...

One lucky little girl is going to just love that room! It is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I like the cheerful colors and artwork. I am happy you will be bringing your child into a home with love.

Ayshwarya Singh said...

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