Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Screen Printed T-Shrits

I'd been getting a decent amount of requests from people for American Apparel screen printed t-shirts or sweatshirts. I really like American Apparel shirts and they are great for screen printing, the only problem is that they are ridiculously expensive retail. At one time I had attempted to get a wholesale account from them which reduces the price of women's t-shirts from $16 to about $6. But I guess since I live in California and they are also in California I would need a California resale licence which costs like $500 a year or something. Since that wasn't really an option I had been going out to the local stores each time to find very specific things that people requested and having to charge people a ton just so I could make a tiny bit of profit.

The other way to get American Apparel stuff cheep is to drive up to the Camarillo outlet mall which is almost all the way to Oxnard. I used to go up there regularly when I had a different job that sent me to Pt. Huneme about once every couple of weeks. It was just a few miles from the outlet mall and I would just take my lunch there. The Amreican Apparel outlet has tons of shirts and sweatshirts, most for just a little bit above wholesale prices. It's kind of hit or miss though. It's hard to go there looking for a specific thing. They do usually have a bunch of basic women's t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes. I drove up there on my day off last Friday and bought 10 women's shirts for about $75. Pretty good.

Here are a couple that I screen printed already and posted on

They both look about the same color in the pictures but the whales are really printed in dark blue on a really light blue shirt and the moa is printed in dark grey on a really light grey shirt. I have a bunch of cool brightly colored shirts too but I kind of want to see what designs might be popular before I print a bunch of stuff.

Oh yeah the moa is an extinct flightless bird that got up to 12 feet tall from New Zealand. I'm making a series of extinct flightless birds. I made a dodo screen print earlier and then this one and next I think I'll make a great auk.

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