Friday, July 20, 2007

Pillow Covers Finally

Nate and my new apartment is pretty tiny at least on the inside. But we have a huge patio with really nice landscaping that our landlord put in. We pretty much turned the patio into an outdoor living room that makes our apartment seem much larger. For an outdoor couch we bought a outdoor lounge chair from ikea an pushed it up against the wall with some giant throw pillows Nate already had, which of course were also from ikea, to make a makeshift couch.

It was pretty comfortable and looked pretty good except the pillows were getting kind of filthy from being outside all the time. Nate kept bugging me to make pillow cases so that we could take them off and wash them when they got dirty. This was odd since he rarely encourages me to take on large sewing projects that will mean scraps of fabric all over the floor and pins potentially lost in the carpet for him to step on.

Anyway, here is the finished product. Patchwork, screen printed and embroidered pillow cases.

And close ups of each one.

I like the gnome one, but it doesn't really match the others. I may end up making a different pillow case for that pillow and keep the gnome one as an extra.

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