Friday, May 27, 2011

The Barn is Complete

Now it's time for Barn after pictures.

One of my proudest contributions to the barn is "The Barn" pig sign. I originally bought a wood cookie from Michael's to make a "The Barn" sign out of but felt kind of ridiculous paying more than $9 for a slice of wood. I found this wooden pig plaque at an estate sale which I think is much cooler and I think only cost 25 cents. I carved out "the BARN" and then painted the carved out parts with left over barn paint. Nate is very proud that he strategically placed the screw holes to attach the sign to look like the pig's eye ball and anus.

Also notice the strange weather vane in the background in the neighbor's yard. The red on the weather vane perfectly matches the barn and it really adds to the barnyard feel.

The doors are now swinging freely. Hopefully they will stay that way for a while. We try to keep them closed most of the time since they are just so heavy that the hinges will probably eventually give out again.

Here is the completed cork wall. It is pretty huge. It will take a long time to fill that thing up. The cork tiles are still sticking surprisingly well. I was a little worried since the adhesive we used is normally for floors which have gravity working with them instead of against them in keeping the flooring attached to the floor. I think the tiles worked much better than a roll because the curling of a roll of cork would have been a problem in trying to get it to adhere to the wall.

Nate got some hooks from the music store and hung up his guitar and ukulele. This place is pretty much his man cave where he can not only work, but play music, drink beer from the kegerator and whatever else it is that men do.

We got this awesome mid-century massaging lounge chair off craigslist. It is ridiculously comfortable and sort of gives the barn a psychiatrists office feel.

Nate also got an office chair off craigslist. The built in desk is way higher than a normal desk, so he needed one that goes up and down. We were trying to find a vintage office chair, but most of the older ones only have one height setting. I think this one is a knockoff of the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair.

Please ignore all the wires. We need to do something about that, maybe drill a hole in the built in desk. Oh, we got the desk lamp from the Salvation Army on 40% off day.

I found this old pencil sharpener at a garage sale. It works so much better than my stupid electric pencil sharpener. Now I have to go out to the barn whenever I need to sharpen a pencil.

I really wanted a old wall mounted bottle opener somewhere in our back yard. Since the barn is kind of right in the middle of where people would hang out for a BBQ it seemed like the perfect place. I found this one from Prime Time Vintage Shop on etsy. It is an old advertising piece for Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Anyway, we are pretty proud of the barn. It may not be gorgeous, but it allows Nate to be able to write at home without being distracted by me or the cats. And it's also a pretty good man cave for him.

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Liana said...

Wow! I love it! I think you should call it the "man hut" though, instead of a "cave" ;) Nate must be so comfortable in there - it makes me really want to get on our garage remodel for Tomu!