Saturday, May 7, 2011

Front Porch

Though the sprucing up the front porch area wasn't the first project on the house that we tackled it is the first one that I have some decent before and after pictures of.

Here is the before, it was kind of blah and kind of a mess.

The area between the porch and the driveway was completely bare before except for the jasmine plants winding up the porch posts. I had a rosemary and a lavender plant that had been living in pots forever that I transplanted into the front. I also transplanted a huge lavender plant that had seemed really happy in the planter box in the back yard, but I moved to make room for fruit trees. My old plants are pretty happy in the new space but the lavender from the back yard doesn't like it in front. I hope it ends up surviving.

I repotted a couple of cactuses and a hawthornia succulent into matching white Gainey Ceramics planters that I've collected.

All of the door hardware and the doorbell and light on the porch are brass. We aren't ready to replace all of that stuff so we wanted house numbers that kind of matched. It was really hard to find modern looking house numbers that came in a somewhat brasslike finish, but we managed to find these on Amazon. They were pretty tough to get mounted evenly on stucco, but I think even a little crooked they look better than the flowery tile house numbers that were up before.

Lastly, I found these chairs at an estate sale. They look kind of danish modernish, but I think the former owner may have made them himself because there were a whole pile of similar chairs, all in pieces and missing the bolts to fasten them together at the sale.

Overall, I think it is a big improvement to the curb appeal of the house. I can't wait to sit out on the porch, drink a beer, and watch the people walk by.

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