Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keita Update

Keita is four months old now and getting big, well not big, just bigger. When we adopted her the rescue group said that she was a labradoodle, but we are now pretty positive that there is neither lab or doodle in her. Probably she is some kind of terrier mix.

She is growing up so fast, so I thought I would post some puppy pictures of her in chronological order.

Here she is with Nate at 6 weeks, when we first went to look at her and her siblings. She was definitely the sweetest and cutest of the bunch.

Here she is with her brothers and sister and a tiny jack russell puppy. I think she is the one on the bottom left.

Here she is with me at 8 weeks the day we brought her home.

At 9 weeks.
Meeting Harris for the first time. You can kind of tell, even though it is blurry, that she definitely smaller than Harris.

At 10 weeks, back when she wasn't able to climb over the baby gates in the kitchen.

11 weeks and never sitting still long enough to get a clear picture.

13 weeks sitting with Nate on the couch.

She got spayed at 14 weeks and had to wear this dorky looking bib/smock for two weeks afterwards so she wouldn't chew at her stitches.

And just today, exhausted from her first trip to the dog park.

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