Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Wedding Blogged on

For some reason after our wedding, I really wanted to try to get it or aspects of it featured on some of the wedding blogs that I read leading up to the wedding. It was confusing though with the rights to our pictures. I couldn't just submit the pictures without watermarks to blogs, blogs didn't want pictures with watermarks and our photographers seemed unenthusiastic about submitting pictures for me. So I kind of just gave up.

So I was very happy when the folks at wanted to use some pictures on their blog (taken by our guests and myself) of our huppah and ketubah/quaker wedding certificate. They coined the name quaker ketubah and I think I'm going to steal that term.

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SA Perillo said...

It is interesting to know especially for someone like me that grew in the Philippines about the different tradition and culture. I love the fact that the Jewish Ketubah will make your wedding day more especial and this traditional customs will make the couple’s bond even stronger. Because of its ancient and venerable history, custom Ketubah has its place as an important form of Jewish ceremonial art throughout time.