Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Brewing

Since we bought our house, besides getting really handy, Nate has gotten really into home brewing. This has required buying lots of big expensive equipment, turning our garage fridge into a kegorator and hours of sleep lost worrying about his yeast.

I don't really understand the whole process that well. It involves lots of boiling and draining and waiting.

But, I don't really mind all the time and money it is costing, because I do love me some beer and supposedly it will end up being cost effective in the long run.

Besides drinking the beer, my favorite part is getting to help name and design the logos for the beers. For the first beer he made, back at the old house, I got to make labels for the bottles.

Now since he has the kegorator, he is just kegging the beer and not bottling it, so there is no need for labels. I discovered that you can just write on the fridge with a dry erase marker and it wipes off with a wet paper towel. That seemed like the perfect place to list the names of the beers and also draw logos for them.

Coming soon is a hopefully hoppy and tasty IPA that the pictures above were of Nate brewing. I named it Hoppiness is a Cool IPA, a take on the Charles Schulz book, Happiness is a Warm Puppy.

Right now we have Ongenaet Belgian Wit, named after Belgian and former Syracuse forward Kristof Ongenaet. Nate thinks it is appropriate that the beer turned out considerably weaker than it was supposed to, since I guess Ongenaet was overly hyped and turned out to be not super great of a player for Syracuse.

The logo of course is Otto the Orange and it is best drunk out of a Darwin's glass. Darwin's was a bar next to campus in Syracuse that has gone out of business since Nate stole the glass.

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It's about time something was named after Kristof Ongenaet