Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rug Rearranging

We love our new West Elm couch. It is super comfortable and great to both be able to stretch out while watching TV and not be super crowded. The only problem was that since it was a sectional it would slide on our wood floor and the couch part and the chaise part would end up sliding apart from each other. The reason this was happening was because despite that fact that the couch was almost 9' by 6' we had it sitting on our old less than 5' by 7' ikea rug. We had been looking for a new rug for a while. I found a bunch that I liked, like this one on ebay. But they were all a little too spendy. I actually really like a lot of ikea rugs, but they seem to have stopped making all the ones that I like that would be the right size. We ended up going to the West Elm store in Santa Monica so we could feel rug samples and found this one for only $229 for an 8' by 10' rug. It is kind of insanely cheep for that big of a rug.

Somehow, despite the fact that we measured, it is almost too big for the space. I think I will get used to it though.

We moved our old Ikea Alvin Triangle rug from under the couch to under the dining table. I was a little worried that the black and white triangles would be too much with the black and white ikea triangle fabric that I covered our dining chairs with. But I think it works.

The rug that had been under the dining table got moved to the barn. I got it for super cheep off ebay but it was too small for under the dining table and Keita managed to chew a hole in it, so I feel ok about relegating it to the barn. It looks nice with the black painted floors in there.

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