Saturday, October 15, 2011

Guest Room Update

At our old house our bedroom was filled with all of the old blond wood ikea furniture that I had been toting around each time I moved since I have been in Southern California. When we bought our new house we got a new/old mid-century bed frame for our master bedroom and relegated the ikea stuff to our guest room. It looked fine in there, but we still really wanted to de-ikea the place eventually.
Flynn lounging on our old ikea bed

My aunt is in the process of moving from her main house to her guest house and has had to do some major downsizing. Since I am her only relative in Southern California, I got some family furniture from her that wouldn't fit in her new place. Both the marble top dresser and the drop leaf table had been at the farmhouse in Ohio where my mom and aunts grew up. I'm not sure how old they are exactly. I might have to do some research. I also got a set of Thonet or Thonet style chairs and a new bed and mattress. Most excitingly she gave me a Charlie Harper serigraph. It is perfect because one I love Charlie Harper, two I love puffins and three, there were already multiple puffins in that guest bedroom.

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