Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garden Update

Just wanted to post some pictures of the garden since things are looking extra colorful around here.

The iris' are starting to bloom.

The California poppies are going crazy and attracting tons of bees.

The giant nasturtium which is growing in a tiny crack next to the gas meter has completely engulfed a potted jade and has almost covered the water heater enclosure.

Also, the hops vines (actually bines is the proper term) are starting to climb up their ropes. The magnum and nugget are doing the best. The cascade and centennial are doing good too, they just aren't quite tall enough to reach the ropes yet.


Liana said...

I love the poppies! I have been searching for a good place to grow some at our house, without success. I may have to enjoy them vicariously through you.

kraken said...

If you need any poppy seeds I have millions.