Monday, April 30, 2012

Master Bedroom

We haven't done much of anything to the master bedroom since about a month after we moved it, but somehow I don't think I ever posted pictures of it.  

The mirror came from an estate sale.  Originally we were going to hang it on the wall horizontally, but it was too big to fit over the dresser.  So we just propped it up against the wall vertically to make an almost full length mirror.

We got the bed frame on craigslist from a mid-century furniture dealer.  It's Danish and from the 70's.  I think we got it for about half of what he normally would charge because it had some scratches on it.  With the attached floating nigh stands it just barely fits in the room.  But I think since it is all one piece the room doesn't look too crowded.

My aunt made the wooden coat rack.  We have another larger one that she made in the entry hall.

We got this dresser for only $5 at a garage sale near our old house.

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