Thursday, December 20, 2007

Paper Gnome Chains

The other day at work I was admiring the cut paper designs on angry chicken’s blog and fell in love with this paper Christmas tree on the small object’s blog. I had been seeing a lot of paper cutting recently and decided that I needed to try it. I was in the office however with no exacto knife and not quite ready for such intricate things anyway. I started out slow with paper show flakes. These then progressed to paper doll chains, a somewhat failed attempt at a paper camel chain and my favorite, paper gnome chains. These are now covering our one tiny office window, that actually looks out into a hallway and not outside.

I liked the paper gnome chains so much I made more at home. Here is a garland strung over the mirror in the living room.

I think these are the last Christmas decorations I will be putting up. Christmas is in less than a week and we are leaving on Sunday to go back to Portland so it would be pretty silly to make anything else.

Speaking of paper cutting, I went to Giant Robot 2 on Sawtelle yesterday and saw the Jill Bliss and Saelle Oh collaboration, Hidden Habitats. I have always loved Jill Bliss’s work. She is one of the people in this new craft movement that I think has combined art and craft as well as business really really well. I had seen Saelee Oh’s work online before but in person the paper cutting stuff is just incredible. Anyway, it is a really cool exhibit that and it is running until January 9th. So if you live in LA you should definitely check it out.

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