Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008

Happy belated New Year. I was pretty sure I lost my camera on New Years Eve, but really just left it at home, so I didn't manage to upload any pictures of Christmas and New Years until today.

I wanted to show off the cute '08 pizza Nate made for the potluck New Years party we went to. It was a big hit and pretty tasty too even though it was a bit burnt on the bottom from being reheated in the oven at the party.

I also wanted to finally post a picture of the Christmas cards I made this year. They were linoleum block prints that I initially started printing in oil based ink. I wanted to be able to paint the berries in watercolor without having them bleed. But after attempting to clean up after the I made the first batch of cards I realized that oil based ink is evil and I will only use it when absolutely necessary. The second batch of cards printed in water based in turned out just fine since the tiny area of the berries didn't really have much space to smear.

Anyway, I think they turned out pretty good. This one is not one of the better ones, just one of the few I had left over when I finally remembered to take pictures of them. I think I see a couple of thumb prints in the corner.

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