Thursday, February 8, 2007

Gold Finch Tote Bag

I thought that I broke my sewing machine the night before last. It was extreamly frustrating expecially since I am compleately addicted to the thing, but I finally managed to sort of fix it. Then last night it started acting crazy again until I realized that I was using thread that was for "button crafts" and too thick for the machine to handle.
After I got everything working again I made this purse last night. I like it because it combines my previous obsession with faux screen printing with my new obsession with sewing. Before I had been buying ridiculously expensive American Apparel t-shirts and sweatshirts to screen print on when I could have been making more interesting things myself to print on. For Christmas/Hanukkah I made my boyfriend a screen printed wallet which I actually bought twice from the American Apparel store because I messed up so badly on the first one. If I had already had my sewing machine I could have just sewed a cooler wallet and printed on just one piece of fabric before it was sewn up so if I messed up I could just recut that one piece.
On this tote bag I also figured out how to make a flat bottom so it stands up by sewing together the bottom corners. I think it makes it look a little more professional. I think this one is going on my etsy site too. I'm going to try to make a whole line of bags with my screen prints on them.

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