Thursday, February 1, 2007

Koi and Daruma Tote Bag

I've really gotten addicted to making purses. I've made at least one a night each night this week. Two of the ones that I really like I made for swaps so I can't post pictures of them or else my swap partners might see the stuff they are getting before they get it. This one I made last night and I think I might put it up on my etsy site I think it is technically the best one I've made. It is reversible and has a pocket on the inside and outside. Both fabrics I used were dish towels from the Marukai 98 cent store. I think they go really well together sine they both have the same color orange in them. One side is koi and the other side I believe is a stylized version of the daruma dolls which are supposed to represent the monk that founded Zen Buddhism (who sat in one place for so long that his arms and legs atrophied) and are supposed to be good luck.

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