Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ketubah/Quaker Wedding Certificate

Though any talk of god was intentionally absent from out wedding (since I am an atheist and Nate is a fairly agnostic Jew), we still wanted to include some relgious traditions. We built a huppah, Nate broke a glass after the ceremony and we danced the horra. One of the other things we wanted to include was a wedding certificate. In Judaism, before the ceremony, the bride and groom sign a ketubah or wedding contract which is read out under the huppah during the ceremony. My mom and her aunts were raised quaker. In the quaker church, since there is no minister, the bride and groom marry themselves. At the end of the ceremony they sign a quaker wedding certificate which is then signed by the congregation as witnesses. We decided to kind of combine our family's religious traditions and make our own ketubah/quaker wedding certificate. It is really more like a quaker wedding certificate because of the wording and all of our friends and family who attended signed the certificate. But we like to pretend it is a combo.

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