Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding Odds and Ends Table

First can I complain at how annoyed I am at the presence of this hideous tent. We arrived at the Oceanside Community Center the morning of the wedding to find this random ugly beige tent on the patio. There had been a birthday party there the night before so I figured maybe their rental company hadn't come by to pick it up yet and would be there shortly. I figured it would be out of our hair soon enough so there was no point in decorating it to try and make look half way decent. But no one ever came to pick it up. When our bartender finally arrived he told Nate that it was his and that he had used it for the birthday party the night before that he bar-tended and figured "why take it down, I'm sure the bride and groom will love having a ugly beige tent that they weren't planning on having when they designed the layout of the patio for their wedding". My uncle managed to get some lights strung up in there so it at least provided a place to hang some outdoor lights. Anyway, that is one of the things I was most bridezillay about.

Back to the table obscured by the ugly tent. The escort cards are arranged on a cork board we found in the trash covered in a sheet from the Salvation Army with twill tape strung on it. At thrift stores I found a unused vintage photo album somewhat in our wedding colors to use as a guest book, several polaroid cameras a bunch of this weird sticker polaroid film. It was very expired but I figured it might work and I found the right kind of camera for it for really cheep on ebay. I also bought some slightly less expired polaroid film on ebay that was not cheep. The sicker film did not work at all and the expensive polaroid film had quite a few pictures with odd blob monsters attacking our guests. They were interesting pictures though.

Recommendations for future brides and grooms.

1.) Don't buy expired polaroid film on ebay. Just wait until the new stuff they just started making again is more widely available or don't worry about polariods. It is a cute idea but definitely not a wedding necessity.

2.) If you are having a ketubah or wedding certificate and you want people to all sign it in the same black ink don't have sharpies for writing on polaroids on the same table. People will not read your nicely worded sign that says to please sign the thing in BLACK INK and you will have teal signatures on a document you spent either a lot of time or a lot of money on hanging in your house for the rest of your life.

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