Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One More Sign and Flip Flops

Wedding Preview, originally uploaded by krakencrafts.

Here is one more sign I made from scrap wood. We set it up directly in front of the entrance to the beach to direct guests to our ceremony site.

I guess our permit actually said that we weren't allowed to erect any signs on state property, but I figured since it wasn't stapled to anything it was probably ok. There was another wedding going on earlier in the day on the same beach. We kept getting random guests wandering into the community center while we were setting up asking where they were supposed to go for the wedding. I would look at them and realize I didn't recognize them so they must be there for the other wedding. Maybe they were so lost because there was no signage for that wedding.

We also had the ubiquitous wedding flip flops. I figured since it was a beach wedding and people would be dancing later they would prove doubly useful. Only a couple of people took them though. I think we had warned people sufficiently about wearing comfortable shoes that people didn't need them. I also wrote a cheesy flip flop poem for the basket: "Flip Flops for walking in the sand and getting down to the band (I mean DJ)". We tried to get flip flops at the Old Navy $1 flip flop sale, but the check out line was wrapped completely around the store and we had to pick up my friend at the airport so we gave up. I ended up finding them for $1.50 at Michael's. The extra 50 cents a pair was definitely worth not waiting in that line. I found the basket at the Salvation Army. I thought it was the perfect shape to display the shoes.

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